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The Red Dress

The Red Dress is a personal illustration book for the visual part of my thesis project “The Relationship between Imagination and Solitude”. This book records my imagination during the time when I was living alone. I had an experience of being alone for many years. During the period I lived alone, my imagination truly got inspired. Many ideas and inspirations always came out in my mind. I started to record my imaginings about my life and my dreams I had at night since then.


I divided my book into 4 sections: Life, Music, Moon and Winter. Life is a chapter that includes my little ideas towards my normal life. Music is like a recording of my imagination coming out of my head when I listen to music. Music is very special to me; I cannot create and live without music, it brings so many ideas to me. For the third section, I choose Moon to be my topic because the moon often makes me feel a sensitive atmosphere, which stimulates my imagination. For the last part, Winter: when I’m staying alone, I feel like I am on a Sunday morning in the winter. I think winter is a season in which a person who is alone can magnify his feelings the most.